13x13 Castle Jumper Pink Yellow Small Banners

13x13 Castle Jumper Pink Yellow Small Banners

    • Actual Size: 13W'x16'Lx13'H
    • Setup Area: 15'Wx20'Lx14'H
    • Outlets: 1

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Multi Color Bouncey Castle Jumper with Pink and Yellow

13x13 Pink and Yellow Bouncey Castle

Multi Color Bouncey Castle Jumper, hours of entertainment for your children.  Perfect for any party, gathering, or event. The 13x13 jumping area provides plenty of room for hours of jumping fun. 

This jumper house velcro to hold small banners. 


Whether you're planning your party at your residence, a park, or another venue, you can feel at ease when ordering a unit from E&J.  Every unit is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and inspected prior to each rental. We are licensed and insured, and already registered with most local parks as an approved vendor.

Please ensure there is an additional 1ft of clearance for each side of the unit including an additional 3ft space in the front for the entrance and 4ft in the rear for the airtube and blower and an additional 1ft clearance in height from branches, wires, and overhangs.  

Bounce House Space Diagram below.  


You will need one 15 AMP dedicated circuit for every blower within 50 feet. Parties at your home mostly have a circuit that can support a bounce house blower. If you have a huge home and do not have an outlet within 50 feet of where the bounce house will be set up, you will need to add a generator to your order.


At parks 95% of the time you WILL need a generator. Some parks have outlets but the majority do not and often regular outlets are not allowed to be used for bounce houses due to the amount of power needed to run the bounce house. A small generator is $50 and will include gas for 5-6 hours for one blower. If your jumper needs two blowers or you're adding a concession, then you will need two generators or order one of our larger generators for $100.


Please check with the park office on power requirements and if they require you to add a bounce house permit to your park reservation.

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