Generator w/Full Tank 3000+ watts Small unit only supports one outlet

Need Power within 50ft? Generator with full tank 3000+ Watts Only Supports Use of 1 Outlet

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3000K+ Watt Generator with full tank, runs up to 6 hours

Only supports use of one outlet for one bounce house blower

You'll need:

*One generator per bounce house blower outlet 

*One generator for 1-2 concessions 


Note: Each bounce house blower requires about 11 amps each, multiple blowers or plugging in additional items to the generator will cause the breaker to trip due to overload. 

*Generators will be started and ran during set up to ensure there are no issues prior to completing the set up.  Customer will verify and accept all items are in good working order prior to the deilvery being complete.  


Resolving tripped breaker:

To reset the breaker, the generator must be powered down and all items need to be unplugged

The reset button should be pressed

Restart the generator and only plug in the item the generator was designated for

*If still having problems powering the blower or concession, please call us to help resolve.  

*$25 fee for service call to troubleshoot or replace a generator that has been tripped due to unauthorized additoinal load  


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