Xtreme Wrecking Ball

Xtreme Wrecking Ball Bounce House | Area needed 27'Wx30'Lx18'H

    • Actual Size: 25'Wx27'Lx17'H
    • Setup Area: 27'Wx30'Lx18'H
    • Outlets: 2
    • Age Group: 5+

    • $325.00
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Extreme Wrecking Ball

The Xtreme Wrecking Ball Interactive Bounce House is designed to not only be a Jumper, but to be a competitive interactive game.  4 players take their pedestals, as if they are part of a demolition team, tasked with knocking down opponents off their pedestals.  This design and color scheme all play an integral role in giving you the ultimate feeling of strength and accomplishment as you blast your opponent off of their pedestal using a giant inflated ball.  


The Xtreme Wrecking Ball is destined to really become the "HIT" of your party!
Great for kids ages 5 - Adult.

*Note: This unit requires two blowers, each blower requires an outlet that can support 11 amps.  It is recommended the blowers run on two separate circuits to avoid power loss, as most household circuits have 15 amp breakers. 

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